ONCOTODAY is a digital solution for practical reference in the field of oncology, a modern tool in the daily work of a doctor. ONCOTODAY facilitates making the right medical decisions and provides the algorithm of their formation and execution.

Two versions are available: mobile and desktop.
ONCOTODAY is an app for oncologists and other professionals involved in the treatment of malignancies.
ONCOTODAY facilitates making the right medical decisions and provides the algorithm of their formation and execution: patient management protocols, drug regimens, drug interactions, calculators and scales, accompanying therapy, adverse events, morphological and molecular diagnostics, treatment response assessment, legal issues and comments, statistics, analytics.
What else can ONCOTODAY do?
ONCOTODAY is also news, events, seminars, articles, newspapers, self-testing and a lot more about oncology every day.
Who is ONCOTODAY for?
ONCOTODAY is created for oncologists of all categories, including chemotherapists, surgical oncologists, urologic oncologists, colorectal oncologists, gynecologic oncologists and other specialists involved in the treatment of cancer (morphologists, molecular geneticists, radiologists and others). Moreover, ONCOTODAY could be useful for healthcare organizers, government officials, and lawyers.
What are the versions of ONCOTODAY?
ONCOTODAY is available in two versions: mobile and desktop. The mobile version is intended for use on mobile devices (phones) and tablets, and the desktop version is designed for use on computers.
The ONCOTODAY app is aimed at improving the scientific knowledge of oncologists, forming algorithms for making medical decisions, simplifying and automating clinical trials, increasing the legal knowledge of oncologists and healthcare organizers working in the field of oncology.
Медицина и закон
Medicine and Law
Молекулярно-генетическая диагностика
Molecular genetic diagnostics
Клинические рекомендации и стандарты
Clinical guidelines and Standards
Нежелательные явления
Adverse Events
Клинический ответ на лечение
Clinical response
Калькуляторы и шкалы
Calculators and scales
Как вести пациента с неметастатическим кастрационно-резистентным РПЖ с помощью ONCOtoday
Как вести пациента с HRR-мутированным кастрационно-резистентным РПЖ с помощью приложения ONCOtoday
Как вести пациента с гормоночувствительным РПЖ с помощью цифрового алгоритма в ONCOtoday
Как вести пациента с метастатическим гормоночувствительным РПЖ с помощью приложения ONCOtoday
Terms of Use
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Our team
ONCOTODAY app is developed by the "Together Against Cancer" Foundation with the support of the professional medical community and the law firm Faculty of Medical Law

Project leaders
Bakhodur Kamolov
PhD, President of the "Together Against Cancer" Foundation, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Oncological Urology, Development Director of the Association of Russian Oncologists
Polina Gabay
attorney, founder of the law firm "Faculty of Medical Law", vice president of the "Together Against Cancer" Foundation, journalist, member of the Russian Union of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists
We express our sincere gratitude for the help
in realisation of the project to:
Natalya Kolarova
President of Novartis Group in Russia
Olga Matveeva
Medical Manager of Oncology Department of Novartis Group in Russia
The Russian Association of Oncological Urology
The Russian Association of Head and Neck Tumors Specialists
Igor Samoilenko
PhD, Senior Researcher at the N.N. Blokhin Research Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Board Member of the Russian melanoma professional association
Oksana Ryabishina
Oncologist, N.N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center
Daniil Rotin
MD, Pathologist, S.P. Botkin City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Healthcare Department, Vidnoe City Clinical Hospital, member of the European Society of Pathology and the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
Oksana Paklina
MD, Head of Pathology Department, S.P. Botkin City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Healthcare Department, chief researcher of A.V. Vishnevsky National Medical Research Center of Surgery of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Sergey Morozov
MD, Director of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center of the Moscow Healthcare Department, Chief Specialist for Radiation and Instrumental Diagnostics of Moscow Healthcare Department and Russian Ministry of Healthcare of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation as well as his team
Daniil Stroyakovsky
PhD, Head of Chemotherapy Department at Moscow City Oncology Hospital № 62 of Moscow Healthcare Department
Medach team
Valentina Dobrohotova
PhD, Oncologist, Assistant Professor of the Department of Oncology of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical
We express our special gratitude for the financial support to
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+7 (495) 419-07-96
Russia, Moscow
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